The Natural Emergence

Oct 2019

  • The development of Sortify, later renamed Sortlee, began as the founder's way to work on a side software project that merged with his love for music.

Jan 2020

Apr 2020

  • The name "TRAPNSTUDIO" was conceived, paying homage to the founder's love for Trap Latino music, originally a music art Instagram page.

Jun 2020

Jan 2021

  • DrillLatino.net was launched, a playlist for the emerging Drill Latino genre.

Jumping In

November 2022

  • The founder of TRAPNSTUDIO enlisted former colleagues to commence the development of Vibecue.

December 2022

  • The development of Vibecue continued.

January 2023

  • The development of Vibecue continued.

February 2023

  • The development of Vibecue continued.

March 2023

  • The development of Vibecue continued.
  • Spotify requested a name change for Sortify, prompting it to be renamed to Playlisorter, and launched at Playlisorter.app.

Hold Your Horses

April 2023

  • The founder realized that strategic design before implementation was necessary for Vibecue, and thus paused its development.
  • The founder met DJ Vegas Tagus at Yuri's Night, initiating a collaborative relationship.


June 2023

  • VibeCheckIn, an app for users to provide feedback on music experiences via a thumbs up or thumbs down, was quickly developed and tested at a silent disco event at D Web Camp 2023.

July 2023

August 2023

September 2023

  • The second phase of Sortlee commenced.

December 2023

  • Vibecue 0.1 was rebuilt from scratch in three days and debuted at a New Year's Eve silent disco event at Shefa Yoga.
  • Playlisorter was rebranded as Sortlee and launched at Sortlee.com.

Honing In

January 2024

  • TRAPNSTUDIO adopted the Hedgehog Concept, focusing solely on developing software that enhances musical experiences.
  • Laura joined as the Marketing Director.

February 2024

  • Vibecue 0.2 debuted at Green Leaf.
  • The Sortlee logo was redesigned.
  • Vibecue 0.3 was launched at Sunset Vibes.

March 2024

April 2024

  • Vibecue 0.4 was launched at the first 100% Vibecue activation.
  • The term 'Music Experience Technology' was coined and launched on MusicExperienceTechnology.com.

May 2024

  • Vibecue 0.5 was introduced at Shefa Yoga to a select group of DJs.

June 2024

To be continued...