Christian Memije

  • Founder, CEO, CTO
  • A music experience technologist. He brings 10+ years of software engineering experience, with an expertise in web apps with great user experience. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction @ the University of California, San Diego. But most importantly, he brings a passion for music that developed from a young age. He is a passionate music fanatic, a visionary, and a builder.

Laura Rodriguez

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Designer and marketer with a major in Design Management and Innovation focused on growth marketing. Loves doing crafts, being outdoors, camping, and figure skating.

Alex Ryu

James Bui

  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Full Stack Engineer that is really into music production, archery, gaming, and travel.

DJ Vegas Tagus

  • Vibecue Partner
  • A walking musical lexicon, deeply influenced by icons from every genre. His passion for music ignited at a young age and has profoundly influenced every facet of his versatile talent as a DJ. With a decade of experience in residencies, radio shows, and supporting headline artists across the nation, he has perfected the art of captivating any crowd, anywhere.

Past Interns